Give data an edge.

Resilient ML. Continuous ML. Real-time ML. Streaming ML.

Motus ml introduces the first cloud-independent Artificial Intelligence.
We harness the full potential of data, delivering the new frontier of
advanced real-time analytics to all devices positioned at the edge of the network.

Why motus ml ?


Location Intelligence
& External Data

The greatest unexplored gold mines of modern business intelligence lie in location intelligence and external data. Get your hands on the treasure with us.


Expert in Edge and Real-time Analytics

Whether it is predictive maintenance, smart asset allocation, location intelligence or sensor fusion, we got you covered. Edge is often the only way to produce real-time analytics.


Results, not just empty promises

With us, you will be able to move fast towards your goals. We focus on the success of your business – not to the endless kneading of your data. ​

What is Edge AI?

Simply put, Edge AI is a combination of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence. How does it work, what type of business benefits does it bring and how can you get started?

Everything is on the cloud edge

We propose an IoT device to be placed side by side with existing sensors that can fully exploit the potential of the data they generate locally. Instead of the traditional Machine Learning techniques used to analyze data on the cloud, our solution uses innovative analytics techniques, called Streaming Machine Learning, that require minimal hardware specifications and integrate seamlessly into the network edge. By not having to transmit huge amounts of data to the cloud, bandwidth costs and, more generally, energy consumption are drastically reduced. In addition, because the data is analyzed on-premises, it is never shared over the network, lowering the risk of exposing sensitive information. therefore allows companies to run Machine Learning algorithms in a fast, cost-effective, energy-efficient and secure way.





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What is the Edge?

The edge can be found anywhere and everywhere, in a wide range of locales, including:

  • Floors of manufacturing plants
  • Roofs of buildings
  • Cell phone towers in the field
  • Barnson farms
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Platforms at oil and gas fields


The edge is a location, not a thing. It is the outer boundary of the network—sometimes found hundreds or thousands of miles from the nearest enterprise or cloud data center, and as close to the data source as possible. The edge is where real-time decision- making takes place.

Sectors we currently work on

Target sectors include companies with machinery and facilities in remote areas, potentially disconnected from the network or with little connectivity. In these extreme scenarios, with strong energy consumption constraints and low latency, the competitive advantages of motus ml’s AI are maximized over existing solutions. In particular, we focus on machinery predictive maintenance, predicting in advance any possible faults and reducing machine downtime as much as possible.


Signal trasmission


Energy & Utilities


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